Who’s undeserving of respect?

At what point is a person no longer deserving of respect? If they think bad thoughts, is that enough? Can’t be because 99.999% of us do that.

How about if we do something bad? Well, again, none of us is perfect so that would make none of us deserving of respect. So then maybe it depends how bad the thing is that the person did. Makes sense, right? Except where’s the switch-over mark on the scale of bad deeds? And, it would make sense for it to be relative to the person doing the bad deed, right? As we know, different deeds hold different weight depending on the person doing them.

So does that mean that by default we should try to respect almost everyone because we can’t know exactly what the person did or what that action means to that person?

That doesn’t make sense to me because so many people don’t seem respectable.

Ah, but I suppose that is my perception.

My name is Deena Malka. Such an intense name. Deena means justice and malka means queen. Sometimes I get the urge to add a softer name to my given names in order to balance my personality. I can be so harsh. But then I think that maybe I should just work with what I have. Judgement can have chesed (kindness) in it. A queen can be a loving and caring queen. I want to foster those. And I want to be able to see the respectability apparent in people more easily and be more understanding of others.

And, of course, all this goes for myself too. I want to foster the kinder, more loving and caring sides of my names in my relationship with myself.


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