I may be waiting but not compared to Gilad Shalit

There are so many things that I want, some of them really badly. But my friend’s status update on facebook this morning definitely put things in perspective for me. He wrote: “Great morning everyone. Just wanted to remind you all that Gilad Shalit is still alive and still in captivity.”

Wow. So true. So profound. So terribly sad.

I really want to meet my soulmate. Gilad wants, and needs, his freedom. I really want to figure out where I want to live right now – near my family in Israel or far away in Vancouver. Gilad’s parents wish they could see him but  have no way to.

Some of the things I want, I’ve been waiting for, for so long! Gilad has lacked the most basic freedom and many of life’s basic necessities for almost exactly three years. I may feel like I’ve been waiting long but three years of captivity is an eternity. It makes my wants seem much, much smaller. Talk about perspetive.

After my friend’s status update, I prepared breakfast for myself, so grateful that I could do that.

Read more about Gilad Shalit here.


2 thoughts on “I may be waiting but not compared to Gilad Shalit

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  1. Deena, I share your feelings (ofcourse).

    I wrote that status after I woke up and read on the news that PM Netanyahu offered Shalit’s dossier to someone new… suddenly, asking myself.. wait a minute.. Shalit… what about him?

    In a few days it is going to be three years since Shalit got imprisoned by Hamas. It seems as if the well-known Hebrew-Men apathy is taking over.. Shalit is not an issue any more.. The media is full of articles regarding Dudu Topaz, an Israeli entertainer which established his very own mob, and sent guys to beat people he did not like.. but nothing regarding Gilad Shalit..

    I wish all the best to Noam & Aviva Shalit, his parents. I wish they’ll be able to enjoy the holidays with their son ASAP.

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