What I love most about being Jewish #10

I can travel anywhere in the world and have something to sort of ground me. One of my favourite things about travelling is going somewhere for Shabbat wherever I am and getting to know the Jewish community there.

That’s number 10.


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  1. I have been wondering. When traveling around the world how do you connect with other Jewish communities? For example, if you were heading to London for a trip, do you look up places and send an email? Do you just look up places and stop by? How do you do it?

    Is there a reference guide to contact places or identify good places to travel to as a Jew?

    Is there a Jewish specialty travel site or service? I would think there would be in Israel or NYC? How about around the world?

    1. That’s a good question. Well, there are, I guess, two main things I do. First, I tell everyone where I’m going in order to hear who’s been there. Usually I find great contacts like that. Basically, it’s networking. The rabbi who’s been most wonderful to me during my time in Vancouver, I found because my mom happened to meet a girl who spent time out here and when my mom told her I was thinking of coming out here, this was the #1 contact she gave me. I spoke to him on the phone before I arrived.

      This has been the case most times, that I met great people by finding out about them from people who’d already been to the place.

      Otherwise, yes, I google and contact people through there. Chabad is usually the #1 organization to contact because they are extremely hospitable, almost without inhibition. Many “regular” shuls or communities are all issue-y about it. And, sometimes “regular” shuls are known for not being too friendly. Not all but it’s more of a gamble than going to Chabad.

      I guess that’s mainly it. I don’t think I’ve ever just showed up somewhere without contacting someone beforehand.

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