This is how I ended up in Thailand

The other day I was at a beautiful event but the heatwave drove a lot of us out to the front walkway to escape what had become an indoor sauna.

One of the servers had felt the same way and was standing around outside, enjoying the breeze blowing in from the ocean water that washed by us, just a few meters away. We got to shmoozing and she told me an amazing story which I told her I wanted to share here on my blog.

L, who requested to remain anonymous, mentioned that she recently returned from a trip in Thailand and she said she got there via Hawaii. Hawaii? Yes, this is what happened:

She was at a similar event, serving. She started talking to a girl there who was talking about the guy she was dating at the time. The guy sounded more and more familiar and when L asked the name of the guy, she found out that the guy she was currently dating – for around 8 months already – was also dating this other girl on the side.

Obviously feeling horribly hurt and betrayed, she needed to get the way. The next day she took off for Hawaii.

In Hawaii she quickly met another girl who was planning a trip to Australia. Since L had been there, she put a lot of time and effort into helping the girl plan her trip. At the end the girl said to L, “I’ve been working for this airline for a few years and my credits are running out in a few days. I will let you use them. Choose anywhere in the world you want to go and just make sure you arrive at your destination within the next three days.”

L chose Thailand and jumped on a plane. She ended up spending a few months there, working with orphans who were born in jail, riding an elephant and doing many other exciting things. She says it was the most amazing experience and she is so happy she went.

I may have gotten some of the details wrong but this is the basic story. I gave L the website address so I hope she’ll stop by and see it here. If so, I really appreciate you sharing this amazing story with me. She said that now when she sees the guy she thanks him for being a %#$% $&#% #%@#. : )


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