Linked by the numbers on their arms

We don’t want the hate towards us to define us as a people or a religion, but what can you do? Life’s experiences take their toll, for better and for worse.

Two men are connected by the numbers on their arms. These numbers were put there by people who considered them sub-human. By people who were working towards their extermination. And yet, these numbers are so significant that though they never met, even while standing in line one behind the other in Auschwitz, when they met now, all these years later, they were immediate soul mates. They connected in a way that almost nothing else could connect two individuals.

One of the most amazing experiences in this world is connecting to people. I do believe it’s something we all crave. So then what are we supposed to learn from the fact that it is through the greatest horrors that such a strong connection that occur? Though it is true that there is also great animosity created from going through terrible experiences…

Here’s the article about these two men who just connected a few months ago for the first time but have the same exact numbers tattooed on their arms, besides the last number being off only by one.


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