Last Jew in Afghanistan and SHALOM!

OK, well here is the most random post ever. For a while I’ve been meaning to post this video about the last Jew in Afghanistan. While I’ve heard at least one person say that this man is very brave, I cannot help but find his story simply depressing and I’m wondering why he doesn’t “just” move. I know, believe me, it’s hard to move. I’m right now trying to psych myself up to move. But, thank God, I live in a great city, in a great apartment with pretty great (OK, good) jobs. I have a community and friends. What does he have there besides his flowers? :(

Here’s the video

So what is random about this post? Well, the video embedding wasn’t working so I searched on youtube for any Jewish video to use its URL and test to see if it was a problem with the blog or maybe just with this specific link. Well, it turns out it’s just a problem with the link and meanwhile I thought it was be amusing slash disturbing to post the tested video here as well. It is strange, I’m warning you.



5 thoughts on “Last Jew in Afghanistan and SHALOM!

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  1. That is a sad video and a lonely life. 1 man does not make a community he should go. He should be with his family in Israel and be with the Afghan community there. The Talmud describes what makes a community and you cannot do it with one person. I hope he is able to find his way out and leave Afghanastan to the watchful eye of G-d – not the Flower Street Synagogue.

    Oh and how spooky is it that he is obsessed with flowers at the Flower Street synagogue – it is like the beginning of an Almodovar film.

    1. Totally sad. I’m sorry to say this but I actually think there is something sort of wrong with him. Like he’s just stuck there. I hope he finds the courage to get up and leave. I feel like there is so much more to the story than is shown.

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