Sip of awe

My friend Avrum told me there is a drink at Blenz that is awesome. It’s the MochaChillo. Today I had one for the first time and I could not believe how amazing it was. Every time I took a sip, I was again in awe of the flavours. Yes, it’s worth a blog post.

I also don’t understand why everyone is going to Starbucks and this Blenz was almost empty. Strange, considering their drinks actually taste like they come from the real source (aka, chocolate) and not from powder.

I’ve never dissed Starbucks, besides the RIDICULOUS prices, but now I must say that Blenz bought my heart. Well, I bought their products which sold me.

There is a relatively new Blenz on the corner of Main and 26th here in Vancouver and it’s cute and quiet. I hope people start going there more so that they’ll stay in business.

And that is all I have to say about this very meaningful topic.


4 thoughts on “Sip of awe

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  1. this now confirms that you are a compulsive writer. blenz should pay you!
    i must agree though. rather yummy…

  2. There was a day – not sure of my mood – where I had 3 of ’em.

    And my ritual was to have one – Granville/Broadway – right before leaving for Kollel.

    Another time, I was so impressed with their service, I wrote the company. In return, they sent sent me enough coupons for 10 drinks.

    I miss Blenz :(

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