How true it is that appreciation is the key to happiness

I hear it all the time, that if you truly appreciate what you do have then you will feel content and happy.

Over the last week or so I’ve had an eye issue. It’s a cyst on my eyelid and it is making my vision in that eye a little bit blurry.

I am so blessed. I normally get to enjoy an amazing level of vision. I travel through this world enjoying the beautiful sites in sharp focus. I theoretically know how lucky I am. I look into the distances everyday, I see the mountains or the clouds and a bird far, far away, I see the street sign and read it before most people can. And I always give a little “Thank you God” for this.

But now with my vision being a little blurry, I realize that I haven’t been fully appreciating what I have. Yes, I say thank you but I didn’t really, truly, deeply, get the amazing blessing of good sight. It’s so sad that you really don’t appreciate what you have until you lose it, or suddenly consider what it might be like to, God forbid, lose it.

Maybe you will think this is a little dramatic. I’m seeing a little blurry and I’m getting all emotional about it. But it’s such a good lesson. Now, suddenly, I found myself literally crying in appreciation for what I have, praying that I should be able to keep it. I am looking around, either through both eyes or switching back and forth between them, checking out the sharp view I get through the eye that is not affected right now. (People keep thinking I’m winking at them which is, on the one hand, winning me lots of new friends and on the other hand causing lots of people to cross the street to avoid me.)

The amount of joy I experience when I consider the cyst healing and being able to see perfectly again is so strong. Suddenly the things I’m upset about because I believe I lack them shrink in comparison to this blessing of sight.

So imagine if your appreciation for what you have was this dominant on a constant basis. It is not that you are lying to yourself, but you are appreciating what blessings the things you do have, are.

Sigh… I know none of this is new. But why can’t, or don’t, we do it?


2 thoughts on “How true it is that appreciation is the key to happiness

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  1. That is so true. I never appreciated my good eyesight as a kid and now I have poor eyesight and I wish it were better!
    I think it’s human nature to always want more and not appreciate what we have. Because if no one wanted anything better for themselves then a lot of things would not get done and people would lose motivation.
    Good to hear about your improvement :)

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