Wouldn’t that make life so easy…

So funny. It’s always interesting to see how people react to the different things I do online. The latest is that I put a poll here on Deena’s Creations, asking people if they think I should move back to Israel. The possible answers are:

1. Yes, immediately.

2. Yes, in a few years.

3. No.

4. You think I have an opinion?

My dad has voted the fourth, which of course cracks me up. Even though he’s sort of joking, he’s also not because he prefers not to give his opinion unless he has a strong one on the subject. This question, though him and my mom would prefer we were all close by, they believe we really each need to answer for ourselves.

My mother has many rules – I should actually make a list of them since they’re wise, including things like her attitude towards doctors: “Don’t you dare touch my body unless you really need to.” One of my mom’s rules is that she would never tell anyone to make aliya, move to Israel. So, as much as I’ve tried to put the decision on her and say, “Ma, should I come back?!” she’ll say, “I’m sorry. I don’t know.”

Anyway, back to the poll. Amusingly, I get the feeling that some people think that I might actually make my decision based on the poll result. Well, that would be easy, wouldn’t it? My dad suggested flipping a coin so this is like a coin but more exciting!

What a great way to make a humongous life decision.

If I’m deciding according to the poll then right now it looks like I’m leaving Vancouver for Israel “immediately.” I have 18 votes.

8 said yes, right now.

4: Yes, in a few years

5: No

1: No opinion (my Dad)

But it’s just getting interesting. Maybe I should just sit in Vancouver for the next few years waiting to see what people say about if I should move back or not.

Which reminds me of a saying I just heard, which I agree with 100%: Not making a decision is making a decision.

Please vote! How else will I know what to do? : )


3 thoughts on “Wouldn’t that make life so easy…

Add yours

  1. Your mother is a very wise woman! And you know, she is right, she doesn’t know if you should come back. Only you know :)))

    I applaud your mom for recognizing that certain things kids need to figure out on their own, and giving you healthy distance to allow you to make your choices. I hope I will display the same wisdom towards my own kids in the future!

  2. Some decisions are just so difficult! I completely understand your thinking process and how you’re asking your family and friends.

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