How to measure the severity of a problem

This morning I called my home in Jerusalem and blurted out to my father all the difficulties I’m experiencing right now. I went on for a bit and my poor dad wasn’t sure what to say. So at the end of the conversation he said that he didn’t have any solutions for me but that I should remember that if a problem is solve-able with money, it isn’t a serious problem.

He said that this is usually how it works. If money is a solution, it means it’s not the most serious type of problem.

The point is not that you definitely have money to solve the problem but it just helps quantify the severity of the issue.

I thought that was just one of the wisest thing I’d heard in a long time! What do you think?


10 thoughts on “How to measure the severity of a problem

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  1. Dad is so smart!!! And it is so true.

    Just talk to Hashem and he will help you figure things out. REally! Talk to him in english like he is right next to you.

    1. I’m confused. I have no doubt that talking to Hashem may be helpful in a self, pep talk, sorta way. Kinda like talking to yourself. But how do you square all those frum yids who HAVE talked to Hashem, throughout generations, and were clearly not helped. Unless mass genocide is helpful on some cosmological scale? I really never understood (read: believed) cause/effect theology.

  2. In general I am a lot more independent that my mom. Different generations, and all… And yet sometimes her advices are the wisest of them all! And often catch me off guard… cuz you know… sometimes I feel I know better!!!

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