I am NOT a workaholic! Yes I am!

In case I was wondering if I really have changed during my time out here in BC, here is some absolute proof. I’m a workaholic! I just realized! I was never able to relate to workaholics. I was judgmental of it. I still firmly believe that it is unbalanced and worth working on changing. But, oh my God! I just realized I’m a workaholic too!

Which makes me realize something else. I really have found something I love doing. Well, lets not go too far here but something I really connect to. (We’re talking about my writing, for those who aren’t sure.)

Wow. What an exciting moment. I realized this because I’m reading the book “The year of living Biblically” by A.J. Jacobs (I need to marry someone with a great, easy, short name so my pen name is easy to remember like his) and he writes about how he’s a workaholic and so Shabbat is challenging but also wonderful for him. And then this afternoon I was thinking that maybe I should do an experiment on myself and not write anything (besides my articles for the paper) for a full week. And then I realized that I’m feeling the need to take rash measures and then I realized… I’m out of control!

I never would have thought I’d have liked something work-related enough to get out of control with it. Seriously, never.

Anyway, exciting time. Exciting times…

P.S. Never say never. K?


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