We can be so evil

OK, so in case you’re wondering, I’m a nice person. And some of my best friends are nice people too (I keep a few mean ones just for the excitement). And yet, when we want something specific, we can have the most evil thoughts of what we hope might happen so that we’ll get what we want.

Thank G-d things don’t happen just because we wish them! They are the most evil thoughts… You know what I mean, I’m sure. I am assuming that most of us do that. I’m happy I have felt comfortable sharing some of these thoughts with others and they’ve shared some of their thoughts with me, so I know I’m not alone in this.

I think this is where the idea in Judaism that actions are far more important than thoughts, comes in. It’s so important to be aware that you’re thinking such things. Come on! Don’t deny it! It’s important to be conscious of this and to make a conscious effort not to act on these thoughts in any way whatsoever. Think about who you will be hurting in what way and keep that in mind.

Oy vey!


3 thoughts on “We can be so evil

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  1. Don’t worry. The mean ones I keep locked up. Cause they’re mean! They shouldn’t be allowed to roam around the world doing mean things.

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