Meeting people from the history

What a profound impact it has on you, to actually meet someone who can tell the history in first person. I keep experiencing the change it creates in me and it amazes me every time.

Today I sat in a room with a few hundred local Armenians in order to commemorate their genocide that started in 1915. It felt so familiar, sitting in a room with people who also have so many “survivors” in their community and who were mobalized because of the grave danger they were in.

And now suddenly I’m interested in Armenia, the border with Turkey, why Obama didn’t call it a genocide the other day, – I think it’s terrible – why Israel doesn’t recognize it as a genocide – I think it has something to do with water, how sad.

Why do I care? Because I sat on the bus afterwards with a 22-year old Armenian-Canadian who told me that all of them have survivors in their families and that it was so touching for her and her community to meet for a memorial service at the Jewish Community Centre in Vancouver. And because I feel like we have so much in common.

I suppose human interaction moves me.


2 thoughts on “Meeting people from the history

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  1. I think anything that has physical personal touch/interaction component to it becomes a lot more real. Reading a story about an event versus being told the same story by a person who has lived it, affect me differently. The former has much more profound effect on me…..

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