Money is a party-pooper

My sister Devora just put it so well. Money is the biggest party-pooper. No one ever wants to invite him to a party. The whole time he says things like, “You can’t do that! You shouldn’t do that. It doesn’t matter that everyone else is doing it.”

Credit Card, on the other hand, is everyone’s best friend. He says, “You don’t have to worry about it for 30 days! Just do it. Have fun! Go crazy! You still have credit available!”

lol I love it. She’s so hilarious. And we were talking about it because it can feel so sucky to want to do something so badly and have money whispering in your ear, “This is irresponsible of you to do.”


…But I want to!

Of course Credit Card is the real enemy. I once spent money I didn’t have but it was by mistake. I made a big mistake in my budgeting. But to do it consciously, I just don’t get that. I always remind myself that even if it often feels like most of the people around me have more money than me, it’s not necessarily true because they aren’t necessarily spending money they actually own.


There still are things I so wish I could do…


4 thoughts on “Money is a party-pooper

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  1. Thanks for relaying my words of financial wisdom to everyone. I remember that awhile ago when learning how to budget I realized that there are very few things in the world that we actually “need” and a plethora of things that we can categorize as “want”. Both categories are easy to handle in our minds and in our lives. It is the middle category that is the most difficult to resist and that is the category of “could use”. Those are the things that are easy to justify to yourself and most people see them as necessities. I am always on the lookout for those things because they are the ones that Mr. Credit Card wants to help you have. Oh Money! Where are you thirty days later when Mr. Credit card calls in his debts?

  2. Ah yes! That one! I could definitely use a trip to San Diego to visit my sister who are barely ever get to see.

    I could use an extra couple of hours of sleep, instead of going to Hebrew school right now.

    But I need the money. :)

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