More on Susan Boyle’s AND her judges

I already wrote a post, expressing my disappointment in the judges’ behavior (and the audience), being so mean to Susan Boyle before she sang.

Now I have more to say.

First of all, here is a link to hear her singing “Cry me a river” in 1999. What a voice.

As for the judges, they are such hypocrites. Here they are talking to this poor kid who’s bullied in school. He sings and everyone is in awe of his voice. And then the judges talk about how terrible those bullies at school are… Um… Do they not realize that they are bullies themselves? The way they later treat Susan, mocking her…

Again, I must say, shame on them. And I’m thinking maybe it’s time for me to stop expecting a certain level of decency from these people. But I can’t. I expect people to be good or at least to be trying to be good. With them it’s all show. Because in this case, since it’s cool to be nice to the kid, they are. When it was cool to mock Susan, they did.



2 thoughts on “More on Susan Boyle’s AND her judges

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  1. Agreed.
    However, in this case they changed their minds because she really could sing. But… what if she couldn’t? is that still an excuse to make fun of her?
    And personally I don’t think she’s bad looking. She’s 47 years old and doesn’t wear makeup, etc, but she’s definitely not ugly. I don’t know what these people’s problem is.

  2. It’s terrible. You’re right. Because she can sing, oh, then they’re suddenly nice to her.

    They are such bullies and they talk against bullies to that boy.

    I hate when part of a tv show is people not being nice to each other. I’m too sensitive for that kind of stuff!

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