Goodbye Pessach, hello Omer

No, omer isn’t my friend (though I’m sure he’s a great guy). It’s the counting we do from the beginning of Pessach until Shavuot. The one where we celebrate receiving the Torah. No no, not that other holiday where we celebrate receiving the Torah – the one called Simchat Torah. This one, Shavuot, is the day on which tradition says we actually received the Torah.

(On Simchat Torah we start reading the Torah from the beginning again.)

Anyway, Pessach just ended, at this moment it’s been over for 10 minutes exactly, here in Vancouver, B.C. It’s really been a lovely holiday for me. Didn’t do much. Socialized, wrote, went to seders and meals… But it’s been nice. And the culmination was, in honor of the parting of the Red Sea, my Moving of the Furniture. It actually is on the 7th day that the Israelites crossed the sea.

Exciting indeed.

You probably don’t realize this but I’m always trying to think of good content for you here on Blog Midrash. My own and from guest writers. Over the Passover time, I started quite a few posts that, for one reason or another, I never finished! Among them:

Freedom is…

…not being controlled by anything external of yourself.

This is the definition the rabbi gave in shul on Friday. I like it. It feels like a correct definition. Do you agree? Anyway, then you can easily figure out if you’re free or not.

“Does my computer, email, work, social life, etc., control me? Am I capable of making decisions 100% independently of these things?” And there you’ve got it.

Another post I started but never finished:

Enslaved by my guilt

I had a very helpful conversation with some friends on Friday night. I told them my religious journey story and ended up talking about the ongoing guilt I experience.

“If the Torah is truth, shouldn’t I be keeping Shabbat?”

Who told you Torah is truth?

Mommy and Daddy.

And who told them?

Their parents.

So who said it’s true? You have to live your life. and you can’t control everything.

The topic of guilt is a very important one to me because I do experience a lot of on-going guilt. We have a guest writer who will share her insights on this topic. In honor of the holiday of freedom, I pray not to waste so much energy on guilting myself. Same for you. : )

And just as quickly as the holiday began (which wasn’t that quick for those of us who worked hard to prepare for the holiday) we will return to our regular life.


It’s been painfully slow here over Pessach but now I look forward to exciting things! I have a few people who have offered or agreed to share really interesting pieces here. I’m psyched for all of them. Hopefully one will already go up tonight and the others, hopefully very, very soon. Don’t want to make any promises (that’s just how I work) but I hope you’ll see some really interesting stuff up here very soon.

So, enjoy the counting of the omer. Read more about that here. And keep visiting Blog Midrash!


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