Susan Boyle

OK fine, since the whole online world has watched and talked about Susan Boyle the last few days, and since I have many thoughts and feelings about the clip everyone is watching of her time on Britain’s got talent, I am giving in and writing about them.

OK, I cannot express enough how much I cannot stand that judge. I know, he’s famous and I should know his name but I’m much happier not knowing it. Because he is an extremely rude, crude, insensitive and mean person. (Please don’t tell me that’s part of the show because either way, I hate that and he’s willing to behave that way.)

First, he calls her darling. OK fine. Then the faces that he makes at her. I mean, it’s not only that it’s mean, it’s also just stupid. People only get on the show if they have a certain amount of talent. So why would everyone there pretend that they’re definitely going to see crap just because the woman is a little older? It’s really as if everyone is purposely just putting on a show and it drives me crazy.

Then, just to give you shivers, the way that he sits with his head in his hands with that silly grin on his face. Ah! Where did he come up with that?

At the end, the first judge says it’s the biggest surprise he’s ever had on the show. Why such surprise? I don’t get it. And the woman judge (haha, I don’t know anyone’s names) says that everyone was against her. Well, it’s ridiculous. Why in the freakin’ hell would everyone be against her to begin with? If that’s true, shame on “everyone.” If it’s not true, how stupid to say such a thing.

Her singing is not the only thing that made me cry. I cried in the beginning when she said she hasn’t been kissed. :( She seems so cute and sweet. I obviously don’t know her at all but I do hope she finds true love in her life now.

Here’s the video that has over 13.6 million views right now!


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  1. TOTALLY agree about his idiotic hand-held gleaming smile… it’s so irritating! (though quite hilarious…). I think the whole thing is wierd and pathetic- the audience (and the judges- other than the actually-sweet barbie blonde) were bullies from the storybooks!
    But I agree, despite all, she is quite lovely and does have a strong voice- and I have to admit that I was TOTALLY teary-eyed… (I know, I know..) – it’s kinda hard not to be! And I didn’t even hear the “hadn’t been kissed part” either…
    Let’s all hope that she finds love! She is too cute- and not in a condescending way… she would be the coolest mum and funnest friend and sister.
    Those are my thoughts.

    1. So true. It really is like they all think that life is based on all the movies they’ve seen and so they’re choosing to live the characters they see in those movies.

      Anyway, thanks for breaking the silence and commenting on this post because I was a little nervous posting my little rant (I seem to have quite a few of those lately), waiting for people to bash me. :) So I’m glad you agree with me.

      I must say I wouldn’t go so far as to guess what kind of mom or whatever she would be but I would assume that she deserves a chance! If she hasn’t had one. We know nothing about her!

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