Breakin’ Pesach Mimouna style – by Michael T. Pullen

Yay – its time to dream of the lovely chametz I get to eat at the end of the day. I get to leave the desert and walk around in the nice cool grass. Oh and tonight I am breaking Pesach with some chocolate sweets.

I have been invited to a Mimouna. I have not done such a crazy thing before. My in-laws are a very northern European sort of folk. Bagels or sandwiches are standard fair (oh yeah – no condiments or toppings on the sandwich either – just meat).   So sweets everywhere seems like a crazy change.

It should be fantastic since the husband is an importer of French sweets to the US. I think he knows his stuff.

How are you breaking your Peasch?


2 thoughts on “Breakin’ Pesach Mimouna style – by Michael T. Pullen

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  1. I ate so many chocolate pastries I did not even eat dinner. I had some of the couscous with dried fruit and it was tasty. – Now on to Shabbat. So many parties so little time.

    I have been marvelling at how many parties we have if you follow all of the Jewish holidays. Some times I cannot even keep up. However, savor this chocolate because it is a few months before we have another celebration holiday. It is a good thing we have Shabbat each week.

    1. Wow, I was just thinking about that. It’s a long stretch now until the next holiday. :( Pessach ended here 6 minutes ago. I miss it.

      It’s true. It does make me really appreciate that we have Shabbat. It is constant, not dependant on the calendar. Good stuff!

      And now to get back into Blog Midrash!

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