Please rub some butter on my salami

How hilarious. I just went to a kosher store to buy some kosher l’Pessach food.

The woman bagging my groceries said, “I’ll put the butter in a different bag from the meat.”


“Because some people like their meat bagged seperately from their dairy products.”

“No, no,” I said. “You can bag all my stuff together. And please rub the butter on the salami while you’re at it.”

“And you still buy kosher food?!” The woman behind me in line said as she gave me an appalled look.

I was so surprised that she took me seriously that I couldn’t even think clearly enough to answer her.



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  1. Although it seems funny, there is a practical side to bagging the groceries in separate bags at times. For example, on my last trip to New York I went to a store in Borough Park and did some shopping and bought several steaks, and cheese. The person bagging the groceries did not separate the meat and cheese into separate bags, and I was out for a while before coming home from shopping. When I unpacked some of the blood from the steaks had leaked through and was on everything else in the bag, including the cheese! Thankfully the cheese was sealed in plastic and therefore I was of course ble to remedy the situation by rinsing off the cheese in cold water.

    However, imagine if I the plastic the cheese was in had ripped, and the blood had soaked into the cheese. I would have had quite the situation. The first think I said when I unpacked the groceries was I can’t believe the person bagging didn’t put the meat in a separate bag.

    This does not meat that I would not store meat and cheese near each other, because I in fact have both in the same freezer and it presents no halachic problem. However, I can understand when buying groceries if one wants to put the two in separate bags to prevent any unnecessary problems from occurring. What I”m saying is that sometimes things are not necessary, but practical.

    Nuta Yisrael

    1. I suppose it’s possible for that to happen. In this case, though, we were talking about very well sealed salami and cheese. I don’t like when people go overboard. Actually, steak or chicken I probably would package seperately from cheese because it is more liquidy. Thanks for reading! :)

  2. I hear you, but it is important to remember that what may be overboard to one person may not be to another and vice a versa. I try to respect each persons way of doing things whether or not I would do the same for myself.


  3. You’re right. It may be hard for me sometimes but you’re right. The problem I guess is when people make it seem that their way is the only way.

  4. Ah, if the woman behind you had seen your facial expressions, and body language from the front, she might have reacted differently.

    Who knows, though.

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