This week: Pessach! (Passover)

Wowowow, Pessach is imminent. Yikes. It’s my second time having to set up my own kitchen by myself. Till now I’ve always been with family.

Anyway, I was reading about the seder night in a book the other day. It said that there are so many things factoring into the experience that night, for good and for bad, and yet most people have very high expectations for it. You want to leave feeling, “Wow, that was a great experience.”

One of the things that helps an experience be more meaningful is learning about it ahead of time. I once went to hear Beethoven’s 9th Symphony right after learning about it in school and it was one of the most awesome experiences I’ve ever had.

So, please share ideas, things that help make the seder and Pessach in general meaningful and interesting and fun and exciting and life-altering (hey, may as well hope for the big stuff).

Pessach has lots of (strange?) customs. It is the holiday of freedom. What does Pessach mean to you? How do you make it personal? What do you have issues with? What don’t you connect to? Bring it on!


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