And I wanna be free

Pessach, the holiday of freedom. FREEDOM! What a dream.

When you imagine yourself absolutely free, what are you picturing? I doubt you’re at work with your boss looking over your shoulder. I also doubt you’re bathing your children as they splash water all over the bathroom that you just cleaned. I’d be surprised if you’re lifting weights in a gym.

Lying in the Bahamas? Dancing like crazy at a party? Selling everything and travelling around the world. These are the things that seem freeing. “Not a care in the world,” is what would seem to be a freeing experience.

What songs talk about being free? Here are a couple:
I want to break free (warning: this is a weird video)
Free falling

What is freedom all about? What is true freedom?

More thoughts on this to come. Please share your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “And I wanna be free

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  1. I guess we only know freedom when we have known captivity. Otherwise it’s hard- if not impossible- to have a full understanding of freedom. This is why, I assume, we celebrate Pesach so intensely every year and try very hard to take to heart the lesson of once being a people of captivity.

  2. I agree. For example, I’m sure Natan Sharansky appreciates freedom more than I do. But I do think that there are different kinds of freedoms. You know, the spiritual ones, the social ones… And I think Pessach is about all the types of freedom that exist.

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