Cheeseburger for the soul

by Yosef Levenstein

I was on 1 local train going downtown yesterday, and as usual on a New York subway I could overhear 5 different conversations on the train. The conversation that caught my ear was between two young girls. They were chatting about boys, and clothes and then one of them said, “let’s get a cheeseburger as soon as we get off the train”. It did not matter to them where they got off because in Manhattan you can rest assured that there will be a McDonald’s near by.

I thought to myself, how great it would be if where ever I was I could just walk into an establishment and get a delicious cheeseburger. It would make life so much more simple, and social planning even easier if we could just go where ever and not have to worry about what we will be able to eat there. Which lead me to another though, how lucky are we that we can’t do that!

Granted some people may be more liberal about kosher in their eating out, and some may not observe at all. But for people that do (and I’m not claiming to be either way) it means you need to put thought into your day. And that thought is I am Jewish, I am kosher observant, and so no matter what I do during a day I have that in mind.

As Jews even the most simple actions lead us back to thinking of G-d, or our traditions, or just our Jewish mother’s guilt, but regardless it makes us think of who we are as a people, and a religion.


One thought on “Cheeseburger for the soul

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  1. Very good point. It’s a blessing to have things in our lives that help us keep focus on what the purpose of our lives is.

    But I can’t help but laugh, as you embark on your move to Israel, of all places, where you may not find a kosher cheeseburger but you will be able to keep kosher much more subconsciously. I wonder if it’s almost too easy there. (I dare not dis Israel, just thinking how having it “easy” there almost makes it harder.)

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