Asking the right questions

by Payam Refaeilzadeh

Is G-d good?  My answer would be “of course!”  If I was aked to justify my answer, I would have to say: “… because he created me.”  Simplistic? yes.  But it works for me – it always has.

We are taught that G-d is one, eternal, all-powerful, non-corporeal creative entity, the full comprehension of which is beyond our faculties.  If G-d is all powerful, he could have easily created a world free from evil, but he didn’t.  Why?  Because G-d is not the all-powerful creator?  If so the question we began with is mute, if not then we are his creations and as such do we even have a place to question the way he created us?

Ponder: we would not even EXIST without him.  Is that to say we should just be grateful and not ask too many questions?  Not at all.  This is not about the right to question the creator but rather about the legitimacy of such a question – if that makes any sense.  I tried very hard to think of a real-world analogy for this, but gave up as I think it does not exist and perhaps that is the problem.

Let us set that aside for a moment, namely let us say G-d is the all-powerful creator who created the world with evil in it and there is legitimacy to question: Why?  Because G-d is not good?  What is goodness and would it have the same meaning in absence of all evil?  So what?  G-d is just putting evil into the world to teach us a lesson?  To make us appreciate the good he created?  What we call evil serves no other purpose than to be the contrast for the good right?  It has no place in the grand scheme of creation.  hmmm that is an awfully arrogant statement coming from an insignificant creation who started with the notion that his creator is all-powerful.  Don’t you think?

I come back to my original answer: he is good because he created me.  True, I would not experience all the evil and pain without him but nor would I experience the good.  Completely illogical and non-intuitive right?  Well it isn’t to me and maybe it will not be to some others either.


2 thoughts on “Asking the right questions

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  1. Hey Hey its me again!

    Just in to throw some more controversy in the plate!!!
    so here is the deal… you mention up there that we are in no position to question how or why we where created, while being subservient to the big G but, then we are left with the inevitable question of why he would have given us the ability to do so if we weren’t meant to right? Being omnipotent, means nothing is superfluous, EVERYTHING is accounted for and everything has its place that includes evil; because regardless how you choose to see it, if you believe in G-d you can help but question his nature and indeed we must because only through questioning Hashem’s intentions in the first place can we ever figure out what the heck were supposed to be spending all out energy on right?

    1. But I’d think it is possible that God created us with the will and ability to contemplate Him but that we aren’t actually supposed to. It’s like a test or something, to see if we are capable of not focusing on what/who God is.

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