This week's topic: Is God good?

You know when you don’t digest something properly, it could come back up to haunt you? You think you’re done with it but then it’s back.

Well, this question, “Is God good?” is like that food. I have never been able to properly digest it so it comes back to haunt me. And because of some experiences I’ve been having lately, the question has resurfaced with a vengeance. :) I suppose that’s good because I still need to work through it so may as well, I guess.

So, that is the question of the week. I realize it means sort of skipping the question of if there is a God at all. I’m OK with assuming for the time-being, at least for this discussion, that God does exist. But of course the writers are free to go there if they need or want to.

Anyway, I already have two pieces I’ve written for this week, one to be posted today and another in a couple of days. Honestly there’s a third as well but that one might wait.

The first was written when I was at my lowest this past Friday afternoon. So it is very raw.

The next is not exactly on topic but it was a thought I had as a result of my “Is God good” convo with a friend.

As for the third piece, you’ll probably just have to wait for that one.

(OK, there is a fourth as well but it’s still in my head and a fifth but I don’t think I’m the right person to write it so hopefully someone else will. I’m serious!)

Anyway, I hope the contributors will, well, contribute. I look forward to seeing what they have to say on this topic, or whichever other topic they decide to write on this week.



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