Blog Midrash’s contributors page

This is such a cute page so I’m going to copy the content here so it doesn’t have to be lost forever.

Deena Levenstein, queen

Since I started Blog Midrash and run it, I get to call myself queen of the site. Not to mention my middle name is Malka, so that works.

I’m a communication fiend. I love, love, love writing and hate, hate, hate writer’s block. I love discussing Jewish topics and am enjoying watching Blog Midrash grow into a wonderful place to do just that.

You can read my personal blog here.

Read my Blog Midrash stuff here.

Avrum Rosensweig (aka avrum), contributing writer

I’m honoured to have Avrum Rosensweig on Blog Midrash. He’s not only an extremely accomplished writer, but he is also an extremely accomplished uncle! That isn’t all.

Avrum Rosensweig is the President and founding director of Ve’ahavta: The Canadian Jewish Humanitarian & Relief Committee. He is a weekly columnist for the Canadian Jewish News and enjoys blogging at Avrum’s Blog, on slices of life, activism and his Jewishness. Avrum is a father to a beautiful little boy, paints and is obsessively curious about life.

Read his stuff here.

Danya David (aka passionatejewess), contributing writer

Danya definitely chose the right name for herself. I look forward to seeing more of her passion expressed here on Blog Midrash. NO pressure!

Read her writing here.

Dodi-Lee Hecht (aka dodilee), contributing writer

Well, she rocks the house but we’ll have to get a little bit more info about her here soon.

Read her writing here.

mTp, contributing writer

mTp is mysteriously called mTp. He is, by far, as of this posting, the most active writer on Blog Midrash after the queen. He could be the jester. : ) He writes about himself:

My name is Michael. I am married with 2 children. I live in the US. I am Jewish. I am a new Jew. I am an enterprise software designer by profession.

His personal blog is here.

Read his contributions here.

Payam Refaeilzadeh (aka iampayam), contributing writer

Payam likes to confuse people with convoluted sentences (see below). Always an experience reading his stuff!

I was born into a Jewish family in Shiraz, Iran in 1982, only three years after the Islamic revolution. I immigrated to the US at age 14 and I now work as a software engineer in Washington state. I am still trying to figure out if there is a place for my not-so-traditional traditional Jewish mentality in this very nontraditional world, I wonder if I will ever feel complete, and I need all the help I can get in that department.

Read his stuff here.

Yosef Levenstein (aka ylevenstein), contributing writer

Either it’s an amazing coincidence, the same last name, or we are siblings. It’s always nice to get Yosef’s input here!

I was born in Toronto Canada, and since then I’ve been a wandering Jew. I’ve lived in Israel, Toronto (twice), New York, and traveled as much as I could afford. I’ve been in NYC for the last five years and am now in the process of moving back to Israel with my wife Tania. Although I come from an orthodox home, I don’t define myself as orthodox.

I like to think of myself as a proud Jew, decent husband, and good person. Blogging is therapeutic and if you enjoy reading my posts, then I’m happy. All comments, criticism, and thoughts are welcomed.

Read his stuff here.


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