The stresses of blogrolling

Blogroll is usually a list alongside your blog with links to other blogs which you like or connect to.

Yes, like or connect to.

Today I added two new blogs to my blogroll. One is of Rachel Cranney and her husband and the other is of Ben Crowder. They are my token online Mormon friends (everyone should have a couple on hand). I have never met them in person but find that I really connect to their way of thinking.

But the blogroll can become a stressful place. I mean, you can start feeling like you should add someone’s blog, even if you don’t particularly feel like it! So then what do you do? I mean, isn’t it ridiculous if, instead of it being a reliable place where people can find blogs you like, they find a list of blogs you felt you had to add?

So far, my blogroll is true to me. So feel free to click.


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