One of my greatest writing fears

I wonder if anyone else has this fear. I am, I think literally terrified, that I am going to run out of stuff to write about. This causes great stress because when I think of an idea, the worst thing, in my mind, is to forget the idea, because who knows if I’ll ever have another one. :) And I also hesitate writing about it, because maybe that will be the last time I have something to write about, so maybe I should push off publishing it.

Yep, that is the craziness going through my head.

I know. I’m driving myself crazy. I’d definitely put this issue in the category of “things I cannot control” which means I should probably let go of the fear and just write and think and write some more and, I guess, worse comes to worst, I’ll just have to find something else to do that I can love as much as writing. :) Simple, right?

It’s really interesting, when you think about it. This is actually a fear of losing something that is dear to me. Hm. Interesting.

Can my fellow writers relate to this? And can others relate to this with the thing they love?


3 thoughts on “One of my greatest writing fears

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  1. When you don’t know what to write about, why not surf the web a bit, and write your take on current events, other people’s blogs/opinions, or some interesting article you found? i think it could beat writers’ block when you can’t find anything else to write about.

  2. If you run out of stuff to write about, maybe you should just go for walk. Talk to a friend. Open your eyes. Say a blessing. Do nothing. Do nothing for a long time and you will start thinking. You can’t stop it. Or at least give me a call I always have 50,000 questions in my head. Everything I see is a problem to be solved and problems just result in questions, lot’s of questions.

    Here is one: If you are worried about not having something to write about, have you ever wrote about what it would be like to have nothing to write about? Or write about why you worry about such things? Or since you are a Jewish writer you could contemplate each letter in the aleph-bet?

    Don’t worry about it – you will always find something.

  3. I’m really happy I wrote about this online because I’ve gotten some nice reassurance that most probably, this dreadful thing will never come to fruition. :)

    So funny, Michael, you really could write about not having anything to write.

    Thanks guys!

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