Finding your own way

Many, if not most of us, find the need to practice our Judaism in at least a slightly different way from our parents. The bigger the difference, the more difficult it potentially is. I even spoke to someone once who said that if he ever stopped being Orthodox, his parents would be absolutely devastated.

It’s interesting how different people have different experiences as far as how the parents react and how they (the “child”) reacts.

I have chosen a different path from my parents. I have two humongous “thank Gods” when it comes to this topic. One, is that my parents, as much as they want their kids to be frum (Torah observant), are very proud of us if we’re good, kind, honest people. Also, they love us and want to be close with all of us because we’re the most important thing to them in this world.

Second, I am thankful that I was able to be honest with my parents when I felt the need to be. I’m thankful that I have been able to make choices about my conduct and my attitudes towards my parents that helped them know how much I respect and love them. I am also thankful that, when you think about it, really I have kept most of what my parents taught me about what type of person I want to be.

Blog Midrash this week is the place to discuss, among other things, our experiences in finding our own spiritual/religious/Jewish paths in this world. Definitely an on-going process!

Today my uncle asked me to write a piece about my experiences with this for his blog. I am guessing it’ll be up in a few days on his blog and I’ll post a link to it from here.

Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you have to say about this topic.

Shavua tov!


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