Where are the boys?

No, this post is not about relationships.

WAIT! It’s still interesting, I promise… Bli neder.

To get straight to the point, do girls volunteer way more than guys? I am volunteering at an event on Sunday and I was looking at the people who RSVPed and the list is overwhelmingly female.

Is it true that girlies volunteer more than boychiks? And if so, why is that? And is it justified or should guys be making more of an effort? Maybe they just feel a lot more uncomfortable in certain situations. What other reasons might there be that girls do this kind of thing more? If it’s even true, of course.

Most importantly, though, I have a message to the guys: If this is indeed true, that you are volunteering less, then even moreso you should get your butts out there to these events because what a great way to meet girls! : )


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