Representin' the People – by Michael T. Pullen

Kiddush Hashem? The advantages of not growing up Jewish is that I never encountered the Jewish version of this. However, my father made it very clear that there was a family version of this.

One day I came home from grade school with my books. When I entered the house I dropped the books on the table and ran to do nature’s calling. My father was home and saw the books on the table. Each book was covered with a shopping bag cover. And on each cover were a series of grade school doodles. When I returned I found my father holding my books. At this point I was reprimanded for the impression this gave other people about our family. The condition of our books represented the image of our family. I was baffled but this must have been important since my father rarely critiqued such things.

Now I have my own version. Two and half years ago I started wearing a Kippah. I wear it realizing it changes how people look at me. I am no longer just the white guy approaching someone. I am the Jewish guy.

I am still very aware of wearing my Kippah. I am also more aware of people identifying me as a Jew. And I am more aware of my actions. I realize that for many people, I am a Jew first, especially if I do something inappropriate.

So yes I am representin’. I hope I am doing alright in G-d’s eyes otherwise I do my best to be a good person and hope this reflects well.


With Intention


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