Blog Midrash is launched!

I have had a dream for so long, and every few months it formulates into one shape or another. But never does it feel like I’m creating, or giving the world, exactly what I want to be giving it.

And now, this must be different because I am so psyched I can’t sleep. OK fine, in the end I can but first I stare, wide-eyed, at the blinds in my room, dreaming about what is hopefully becoming an exciting reality.

To get to the actual point, I want there to be a place online for all the smart, talented Jews I constantly meet from all over the world, to have a place to shmooz, discuss, argue, just like in a Beit Midrash (a place of Jewish study). So I’ve done it. I’ve created Blog Midrash which I have quickly been told NOT to call BM.

My vision is for it to be a fascinating place to stop by during your day, to see what the latest discussions are about. And, of course, you are very encouraged to join in. Your participation is what will will make BMid (how’s that?) become all I truly believe it can become.

I hope you’ll stop by, visit and give your 2 cents (or 7, because of inflation, as one of our contributors said to me the other day).

Let me know if you have topics you’d like to discuss or write about.

Blog Midrash

Enjoy! I look forward to hearing from you.



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