100 Blessings – by Michael T. Pullen

How many blessings do you do a day? Have you made it to 100? The rabbis have said that we should try to say 100 blessings a day.

Let’s break this down a bit. How many hours are you up in a day? 16? 18? Let’s say that you are up for 16 hours a day. That means that you should be doing just over 6 blessings an hour. That would be a blessing every ten minutes.

Think about that. If you were doing blessing with intention and focus and you were doing them every ten minutes, you would be blessing everything that you encounter. It would give you more appreciation for what you have. It may also leave little time to get anything else done (oops that is a bit sarcastic.)

Maybe there is a twitter head around here that can twit the 100 and we can list them in the comment thread. I would love to see the list and see what you have. Obviously you can front load this by going to morning service and catch up at the end of the day. Even still note all your blessings and let’s see what it is like.

cross posted from With Intention


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