Hockey fans, do not read. You will only be disturbed.

Why disturbed? For so many reasons. First, I am going to tell you that though I lived in Toronto until I was 11, I never went to a hockey game. Horrifying already.

Then I am going to tell you that finally tonight I went with a friend to a game. So, this is already in Vancouver and the Canucks games are a fortune so we went to the Vancouver Giants which is part of the WHL.

It is still very much a big show. A whole experience that the place puts you through. The players are very young – I’m told they’re teenagers – and they play pretty quick.

OK, the next blow for you hockey fans who have chosen to read this anyway, is that my favourite part of the evening was, no, not the hockey. It was during intermission when for around 10 minutes straight they just kept showing members of the audience on the big screen. It was the cutest, sweetest thing to watch. Every time they showed someone new, I think I actually laughed with glee (you’ll have to ask my friend for confirmation about this). Old and young, individuals, couples and families, each group, one after another, suddenly realizing they’re on the screen. And usually a similar reactions, of a big smile and starting to wave. Once in a while the person wouldn’t notice or they would but couldn’t care less. I loved the woman who was too busy looking at her cell phone in order to notice she was up there.

I loved the boys who were trying to steal one of the players’ bottles, reaching their hands into the space where the players sit (no, I don’t know what it’s called) but then suddenly seeing that we were all watching, withdrawing their hands and starting to jump and wave at the camera. Haha, no shame!

I suppose I saw human beauty in it. The sweetness of someone feeling, for a few seconds, in the centre, important, appreciated, paid attention to. And it made almost all of them so simply happy.

Sweet. Just sweet.

OK fine, the other highlight was when our team got a goal because the other team’s player just sort of slipped, slowly pushed the puck into his own team’s net and the goalie didn’t even see it.

It was fun. It was exciting. And we sat next to the loudest, possibly drunkest, guy in the place. But he was nice, so that was OK. We had to give him a high-five everytime our team scored. I joke not!

P.S. Did you notice the most disturbing part of this post? That I forgot to even mention who won. We did, of course 6-2, if I remember correctly. : ) Woohoo!


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