My blog is mentioned!

My sister Miriam used me as an example in a talk she gave recently. How fun! It was called Seven Tips for Marketing Yourself with Blogs and Social Media.

She created a blog post from her talk and it is highly recommended for those in, or entering into the self-marketing world. Or anyone blogging. Or anyone… OK, it’s worth reading. And definitely watch the videos in the post of these crazy MOT (members of the tribe – you know which tribe?) guys who are so vibrant and crazy and extremely smart and convincing.

She actually forgot to tell me that she mentioned me. You know how I figured it out? I was getting all these clicks on my blog through her blog and so I went there and searched for my name and found it! Afterwards she told me that she mentioned me because, as she put it, I am a great example for the audience since I “did all the right things.” She also said, “AND you’re a writer by profession, as was my audience.”

Thanks Mir!


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