Remind me how we are supposed to do this?

Tonight I’m stressed by the world’s story. Anti-Semitism in Canada ’09 in its regular primitive form. It is being accepted and allowed and… Yikes! YIKES! What is going to be? A facebook friend of mine just wrote about the importance of calling a spade a spade.

What are we going to do? I’m heart-broken that the world is going to end as it is because we are too… I don’t know. Too bad? Lazy? Scared? Blind? Stupid? Too whatever to face the real issue at hand. Say things as we see them. Use real words instead of just hinting. Why are we (me included, even in this post) just hinting at what the real problem is? Scared of being called racist?


But that’s not all that’s making me feel stressed and sad. What about the fact that there seems to be so little sexual morality? Why is it way more accepted, so it seems, to have sex asap than not to? Why is waiting not “in”? Why is the world (meaning, the one I know and see) in a state where the more open you are, the more cool, intelligent and correct you are considered?



4 thoughts on “Remind me how we are supposed to do this?

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  1. Hey Deena!
    With respect to the second part of your post, I think we are just living through a certain period in history. Before it was “cool” to wait, now it’s not. But at some point the not-waiting will probably get uncool also.

    As for the first part (antisemitism), well it says so in the Torah, right? hence it’s eternal.

    Anyway all we can do is do our best in our own lives. I hope you are not stressed about the world’s story anymore :)

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