by Yosef Levenstein

Blessings are a core part of Judaism yet many of us fail to make them before our actions. I’m included in this broad statement about young Jews. The purpose of making a blessing is to take a step back from the material and blend in spirituality. Before taking a bite of that hot slice of pizza you stop and thank G-d for his bounty. I think it’s the small things in life that matter and that keep us moving forward so making a brachah is a Jew’s way of expressing their gratitude.

Here is a trick question. On what mitzvah do we only say the brachah after the mitzvah is done?

Another question. What is the most important brachah to you? Mine is modeh ani. Not a brachah but a powerful statement of our fragility as humans.

(What a funny coincidence that Deena posted about brachot at exactly the same time. You can read her post here.)


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