The original Jews

Well, I never knew this but it seems that the Black Hebrews wouldn’t convert to Judaism when some of them moved to Israel, because they believe they are more authentically Jewish than the conventional ones. You know, us conventional Jews.

All I ever knew about the Black Hebrews was that they live in Israel, are Zionistic, put on amazing musical shows and, well, they’re black.

I just watched an interesting video about them. And now I read a bit about them. Now I know that:

1. There are around 2000 of them in Israel. There are many more in the USA.
2. They refused to convert to Judaism.
3. They are polygamists. (Which, in case you’re wondering, I think is so not cool.)

You can read more here.

In the video it says that the Black Hebrews in Israel were never granted full citizenship, I’m guessing because they wouldn’t convert. But then in 2002, I think it was, there was a terrorist attack in Dimona, the city in the Negev where they live, and the first Black Hebrew to ever be killed in a terrorist attack in Israel was killed that day.

For some reason – I suppose it is how tragedy often brings something good along with the horror – this united the BHs with the rest of Israel and since then they’ve started serving in the army and they gained fuller (or was it full) citizenship.

I must say that when the video spoke about that, I felt skeptical. There is a feeling that this isn’t the full story, that it’s more complicated than that.

Well, one thing I still know is that their musical performances rock and if you ever have a chance to go hear them, do. You’ll have a lot of fun.

P.S. I just wish they weren’t polygamists. Sheesh.


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