Passé? That's too easy. – by Michael T. Pullen

Saying that Judaism is passé is too easy. That is a brush off.

I have yet to meet someone who has wrestled with Judaism, not someone just born into it but someone who has wrestled with it (from within or out), who has not felt its relevance.

I was born and baptised a Catholic. After that I did not do much but go to church every once in a while when my mother would want me to go. I can count the number of times on both hands. My mother passed away when I was 16 and the priest told me she died for a reason and that I may never know why.

Ooooo that made me mad. From then on I was not a friend of religion nor its people. Discussion of religion was only a good reason to get a verbal lashing.

Wherever I went I would get approached by religious people, bible thumpers, and hole in your heart dispensers. It was as if I was wearing a sign across my head that said “come to me, let’s argue.”

I was happy that way until I decided to get married. She was a lovely Jewish woman and I knew that my kids were going to be Jewish. So I could not stand on the outside and look in. I at least had to learn enough to make a good argument. So I started studying with a rabbi. I studied with her for about a year. Then I decided that I wanted to ask her to marry us. The rabbi told me that she would not marry us because I was not Jewish.

Well then, a year of study sure gives a fellow some time to think seriously about things. Could I convert to Judaism? What about all that religion hate that I had going on? Well, I decided that Judaism resonated enough with what I believed that I could go forward with it. So I converted.

So what you say? So study hard for a year then come back and let’s talk about the relevancy of Judaism. I have not stopped wrestling. Judaism is now part of my life and I incorporate more and more as I wrestle.

mTp: With Intention


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