My big secret

I am working on something that is part big secret and part just getting things rolling. And they are certainly rolling! And I hope that soon it won’t be a secret. No, it’ll be taking over the world!

But meanwhile I’m too psyched to get anything done, including going to sleep. How does one sleep when one wants to keep watch on the progress of the world?

Well, I suppose “one” doesn’t. Instead of sleeping, one turns back on the computer, when it was finally off, and goes back online and writes a blog post. Yes, that is what one does.

But why does one think that her beloved readers are going to read this post? Is it of interest? What can she add of interest in order to make this a productive blog post to read?

For one, I suppose stopping this “one” and “she” business could help everyone involved.

Second, I could write something meaningful… Hmmm… Something meaningful…

No. Can’t think of anything at this moment. OK, then better sign off.

Layla tov.


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