You don’t get to choose when to tell the truth

Robin Williams says this to Al Pachino in Insomnia, a highly recommended movie, btw.

Al Pachino lies before the movie begins in order to get a real sicko into jail because otherwise there won’t be enough evidence. It’s the first time he ever did anything like that and at the time he was thinking, “This is gonna catch up with me.” And catch up with him it did. By the middle of the movie, he’s lying his tuches (bum) off because the snowball affect has him rolling down the hill full speed. The thing is, there is a very good reason that he feels the need to continue lying. If he doesn’t, internal affairs is going to find out he lied about that one case (the one before the movie’s time) and then all the “scum bags” that are in jail because of him, will be let out. His life’s work, down the drain.

By the time he realizes that he needs to just come clean because the lying is only making things worse and worse, it’s too late. Well, you should watch the movie.

Anyway, as someone who hates lying (the thing, though I myself also hate doing it) I like that this movie is about that.

I wrote this post (and the half-inch post that is right before this one chronologically) so long ago but then just saved it half finished and forgot about it. But I still remember that it was a very cool movie and yes, I love anything that is anti-lying. So, consider seeing it.


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  1. Lying: When should you lie?
    There are times to lie. When telling the truth only burdens another person with your problem (e.g. I have cheated on you and I thought you should know. Why so the person can feel bad?) When telling the truth is only your perspective (e.g. The bride asks you: “How do I look?” The only response that is correct is something to the effect of how lovely she looks on her special day – no matter what you think.) When telling the truth could get someone killed (e.g. When the thugs are chasing a guy and asks which way he went – another way is always the right answer.)

    1. Of course you are right. But lying should never be taken lightly because there is a fine line between lying with good purpose and lying for self-purpose or just because it’s easier (well, I guess that’s self-purpose). I must say though, that I disagree with your first example. How can you cheat on someone and not tell them? I’m not sure how that would work.

  2. I guess if you have a problem with the first one you should think about it before you cheat. – lol – Makes me think of that other saying “Two wrongs do not make a right.” Don’t cheat, then you don’t need to tell the person you cheated on that you cheated. Simple, eh?

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