Is Judaism passé?

I know, even this question is passé. But I really do wonder… is it wonderful enough to survive modernism? I can’t help but ask it.

I just started teaching a class to high school girls for 45 minutes in the evening. It is taking place in an after-school program for Jewish kids who are in public school.

This is my first experience with these kids so obviously I barely know them or what they’re about but still, I look at them and wonder what they would see in Judaism.

Rabbi Shmulik of the Kollel says that if Judaism is only about guilt – if you don’t do this you’ll be hit by lightening – or fear – if you don’t keep this then we’re all going to disappear into the night – then it cannot survive. It has to be wonderful and beautiful. It has to enhance your life. And only then will people be interested in it.

OK, but how do you do that?

Someone else said that he feels like, as a rabbi, he’s competing against all that the modern world has to offer. Can Judaism win against that?

(A while ago I wrote a piece called Touching Jews with Judaism. You can read it on my personal blog here.)


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