25 things about me and 5 things I wonder

As most of you probably know, there has been this note going around facebook where you write 25 things about yourself and tag 25 of your friends to it.

For weeks and weeks I didn’t pay much attention to it but yesterday suddenly I became interested in it. I read a few of my friends’ 25 things and then did my own. I actually found it surprisingly entertaining and interesting to do.

Then I was talking to a friend online and I decided I wanted to start my own note and see if it would go around facebook. So we started a note called “5 things I hope to do but wonder if I ever will”. Now I’m just waiting to see if people start doing it. Wouldn’t that be cool, if it actually became popular for a while?

I’m debating copying my 25 and 5 things here… Well, hundreds of people already potentially saw them so I may as well, right?

Here are some of the more interesting of my 25 things:

2. My day job is working with elderly people. Sometimes it’s really nice. Sometimes it’s really sad.

3. Two weeks ago I found out you can buy flowers in flower pots for pretty cheap. I bought three pots of different flowers and love them but sadly, I think I’m killing them.

4. I am starting a course tomorrow – I’m the teacher, so they think – on REALationships to Jewish high school girls. This is because I believe that people are not taught many things that could help them have much more peaceful, happy relationships and I want to try to teach some of these things to the girls who tomorrow will be my students for five weeks. I’m nervous and excited.

5. I drink alone sometimes. When I told someone that, they started asking me questions to find out if I’m an alcoholic. That freaked me out even though I know I’m fine. I’m amazed how much control people can have over me sometimes.

6. I am sad that life is such that no matter how hard you try, you are going to have people you’ve dealt with that are lite-enemies afterwards. Enemy is too harsh a word but you know, people who you’ll always remember as ending on a bad note with them.

7. I have a dream of writing a book. Or a few books.

8. I have many website dreams. One may be coming out shortly. Stay tuned!

9. One of my biggest thrills is looking at the statistics of my blog and seeing how many people are visiting, as in, reading my stuff!

10. I have around five jobs right now.

11. My apartment doesn’t feel homey because I never got a couch and I have nothing on the walls. I feel so temporary here. Maybe I’m just waiting for Mashiach.

12. There were a couple of nights this past Chanuka that I cried a little. Lighting the Chanuka candles made me think about life, its meaning, etc.

14. I cry really easily. I got it from my mom. It can become quite embarrassing. :)

15. I love writing but my inner struggle is often, if not always, about how much to share versus how much to keep private. I truly believe that one of the things that makes a person’s writing meaningful is sharing more private things but you don’t want to share everything.

16. I always dream of moving back to Israel but it scares me.

17. I waste a LOT of energy on feeling bad about feeling bad. I’m working on just letting myself feel bad and be finished with that. Because I feel bad that I feel bad that I feel bad.

18. I don’t like when someone asks soon after meeting me what movie/music I like. I don’t find that very important information.

22. I wish I believed more easily in God.

23. I wish I was a more up-beat, positive person.

24. I have VERY strong opinions and sometimes can get really worked up about them. I usually regret when I act out on that.

25. I think it might be true what a Holocaust survivor I know said, that all Jews should know Krav Maga (or another self defense).

Here are the five things I hope to do:

1. Do a road or train trip across Canada
2. Move back to Israel
3. Start a chesed (acts of kindness) organization or program
4. Publish a book
5. Create a website that has hundreds of visitors a day. OK, thousands.


2 thoughts on “25 things about me and 5 things I wonder

Add yours

  1. Deena, well done on your blog. I spent some time on it, read a number of your posts, enjoyed them, thought because of them, and was proud because y you wrote them.

    You are writing a lot and really coming into your own as a writer. Well done. Yisha Ko’ach.

    Love Your uncle,

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