Welcome to Blog Midrash

Hello, dear visitors,

This blog is the modern beit midrash. A beit midrash is a place where Jews go to sit, study, discuss and argue about Torah and being Jewish. Of course many hand motions are used, especially thumbs through the air in a hook motion. Click here to watch a guy act this motion out at around 00:13 (the whole video is quite amusing!).

Over the years I have met and connected with so many interesting and talented Jews and I just keep thinking, if only there was a place for all these Jews to connect and share their ideas with each other, wouldn’t that be an interesting place to be!

And so I’ve created that space. Blog Midrash, a nerdy play on words from beit midrash, is your place to share your thoughts connected to your Jewishness and discuss ideas with other Jews from around the world.

But you should be forewarned. I will not allow nastiness here. You should discuss. You are allowed to argue. But I see that for some reason many people find the internet a perfect place to lash out. Those of you who aren’t into that, don’t worry. I will do my utmost to keep you safe from that kind of thing here. Of course you should always feel comfortable writing me if you have any issues, problems or ideas.

To really make this work, it will be great if you make an effort to write your comments, even short ones, on people’s blog posts. That will get the conversation really going, which is when the fun begins. Also, let me know if you have any topic ideas.


P.S. Sadly, one thing we will be missing here is the wild body language. I guess that when you try to generate discussion internationally, you can’t have it all.


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