Jews will always have to stand up for themselves

Is this true? Is it true that as much as we may hope the world will change, in the end we have to be able to protect ourselves because anti-Semitism is as alive and well as it’s always been?

And if this is true, what are we doing about it? What should we be doing about it?


4 thoughts on “Jews will always have to stand up for themselves

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  1. Please tell your readers how you personally were persecuted against as a Jew. Criticism of Israel does not equal antisemitism.

    1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. There are two things you mention which I’d like to touch upon. The first is that you ask me what anti-Semitism I’ve experienced. I’d like to clarify. Are you alluding to the idea that if I have not personally experienced something, it is not right of me to believe it exists? Thank God, besides when I’m in Israel, experiencing the day-to-day threat of being surrounded by people who prefer I/we drown in the sea, I have not experienced anti-Semitism first-hand.

      But I wonder, do you believe there is a lot of starving in this world? Do you believe certain diseases like AIDS and cancer are killers? Do you believe that bacteria and viruses exist, let alone atoms and electrons? Which one of these have you experienced yourself or seen with your own (naked) eyes?

      If there is one thing I’ve learned from my Jewish studies, it’s that you cannot base your belief system just on things you’ve experienced first-hand because that creates an extremely narrow viewpoint of the world.

      The other point made is that anti-Israel sentiment is not equal to anti-Semitism. I very much believe that the major negative focus Israel gets from the rest of the world regarding every step it takes proves in itself that this is stemming from anti-Semitism. Why? Because meanwhile there are many governing entities elsewhere who are, when it comes to humanitarian evil, on a totally different scale from Israel. (Of course I’ve never been to North Korea – maybe we should go check it out.)

      Also, if a person’s feelings towards Israel are not connected to anti-Semitism, why is it that people who tend towards anti-Semitism lean towards anti-Israeli“ism” as well?

      I found an interesting article which says:
      “In an extensive public opinion poll executed by the European Commission in 2003, 59 percent of European Union citizens agreed that Israel was the “biggest threat to world peace.” Can they really believe that Israel is a bigger threat than countries like North Korea and Iran? … Israel consistently receives greater reprimand than it is due—probably more than any other nation in the world. It is difficult to find an explanation for the excessive vitriol directed toward Israel beyond a general mistrust of Jews.”

      Thanks again for reading and posting a comment.

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