Measure your carbon footprint

The Jewish National Fund has an online calculator for measuring how bad you are for the environment. Funny that I found out that the worst thing I do for the environment is take these long flights all the time to visit my family in Toronto and Israel! In retrospect that’s obvious but, I guess because I really feel the need to get my family time in, I’d never really internalized that before.

I just wish there was a section that asked how many breaths I take because I really try to cut back in order to save the environment. Doesn’t anyone care about that?


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  1. It was estimated that farm livestock are responsible for approximately 18% of all globally released greenhouse gases. This represents a proportion of greenhouse emissions that is more than all forms of transportation combined!

    So, reducing or eliminating your meat consumption can more than compensate for your trips to visit your family. Going vegetarian would eliminate 1.5 tons of CO 2-equivalent gases, per year and make you feel better too!

    1. Wow, that is crazy. Too bad I had chicken for lunch! I do believe that nutritionally it’s problematic to tell the whole world to go veggie. I have heard several accounts from people who did not feel well on a vegetarian diet. I believe that. I think maybe something more moderate like saying that some people would benefit going vegetarian while others should try to lower their intake and choose only certain kinds of meat (maybe organic, or whatever), would be more realistic. What do you think?

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