Israel exists because of “him”

When I talk to people connected to Israel in one way or another, and I see their love and passion for the Jewish homeland, I always get this feeling that the country continues to exist – despite all the difficulties – because of this person.

And then I hear another story about someone else and their determination in building up Israel in one way or another. Maybe working on the environment or building new towns… And again I think, “Wow. Israel could not exist without that person!”

Israel is the type of place that really is like that. It really does exist because of one person’s hard work and another person’s strong support. Because Israel is so small and volatile, each person has such a strong impact on this Jewish state.

Or maybe it’s just because so many people really are doing such amazing, exciting, impressive things for our country.

P.S. The prompt to this post is that last night I covered a very beautiful event. It was a dinner fundraiser for the Jewish National Fund (JNF, KKL). Speaking to the former president of the Pacific NW Region of JNF and then the current president is what gave me this feeling of, “Wow. What this person is doing is so important!” My article will probably be published the end of this week in the Jewish Independent.


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    1. Yosef, I mean, Brother Joe, do it! Worst comes to worse you put hours and hours of devoted creativity into something that comes to naught… Oh… I may just stop blogging right now.

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