What a novelty to believe in yourself

A friend of mine just posted a video on facebook of Oprah from a few years ago. She’d just started her talk show and she says that the show is going to be a success. The interviewer says, “And what if it isn’t?” And she says that either way she will be a success because she isn’t defined by a TV show.

I’m sure that she sometimes questions herself but what a wonderful thing to actually believe in yourself and your capabilities to succeed one way or another.

A while ago I asked a rabbi for advice. I explained to him the difficult things going on in my life and I didn’t know how I was going to stand up against all of them. He said that it was really important I work on loving myself and appreciating myself. I think about that advice and try to implement it even though it’s extremely difficult. When I’m entering a tough situation I try to give myself a pep talk about how absolutely wonderful I am. : )

Now I am still (or again) going through a lot of not so easy things (as many of you know) and I think that remembering (or learning) how great I am can help me weather this craziness.



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