Let them drink beer

Now seriously, what is more important, that Tzippi Livni said this and that or that we are no longer pumping water from the Kinneret due to dangerously low levels of water in this lake, Israel’s main water source?

The media controls our thoughts and focus in a very scary way. The day it became way too dangerous to pump water from the Kinneret, was that on the front page of the news? Honestly, I don’t always look at the news. But I heard that it was barely mentioned. On the front page were articles about politicians and what they said. Yes, info connected to elections.

Think about it. There are way too many things happening in one day in order to write about it all in a newspaper or even on a website. The media people decide what is most important to tell us. And here is a perfect example of something very important and scary going on in Israel where not enough is being done and the media is not bringing close to enough awareness to this important topic.

As for the specific issue at hand, the water issue, there are many things that should be done. I remember years ago when there was a drought (and it wasn’t close to as bad as this one), there were tons of ads around Israel telling people not to waste water. Now, during my visit over the past three weeks in Israel, I am not sure I saw one advertisement of this kind. Why?

Should people be watering their plants when the water situation is so dangerous right now? They are considering passing a law about this but this drought has been going on for a few years now. Why does it take so long to take action?

And what’s with the desalination plants? In an article in the Jerusalem post I was reading how the preventative measures keep on being abandoned. Is there any good reason for this besides politics and bureaucracy?

Here’s an interesting idea. There is a story, I think during the time of the second Temple in Jerusalem, when there was a drought. A couple who I guess was especially holy was called in to pray for rain. The man stood facing one direction and the woman the other. It first started raining on the wife’s side of the sky.

Many, or most, synagogues in Israel (and maybe in the diaspora too) are saying a special prayer for rain in Israel right now. But it is mostly men who go to shul every morning.

I think that maybe women should be davening more for this. Maybe that would help.

When will there no longer be enough water in order to keep our taps running (and is it only at that point that people will really be informed of the situation)? Why is the issue avoided? Are the reasons purely political? It definitely doesn’t seem very honest to me.


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  1. Tsip, THE answer or one of the answers? I don’t think it would be a good idea to just pray and not take any other precautions, no?

  2. hey there all i was just reading up on water shortage crises and mobile water units and i couldnt find anything anywhere in the world and i found this website http://www.geneco2009.com a small engineering company in new zealand? and it displays products they sell and theyve got listed desalination units? i enquired about these units and they can make them biger and to order and they claim they can produce 1 litre of fresh clean h2o out of salt water pond, lake, river water e.t.c for 0.0015 cents USD. i mean isnt that cheap? or is there anything out there more economical then these advertised units? could someone maybe whos researched this let me no?

  3. Hey there. All I know is that Israel is building desalination plants and they are very expensive to build. I hope you get information that you want.

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