Labelled a stoner

I am writing this blog post only because I love the title. I am tempted not to even explain what it means but I suppose that seeing as you’ve come all this way (you know, clicked on the link and all), I should at least have the courtesy to explain myself.

One of my sisters lives in East Jerusalem with her husband and five children. Miriam is her name (Hey Mir!). One day while I was in Israel, we were making plans to meet. But, she explained, she really needed to be careful because it was Friday and since Friday is like Shabbat for the Moslims, there a higher chance that either her friendly neighbours would be out having a picnic or trying to stone Jews.

Yes, that kind of stoner.

Anyway, we said in our regular Levenstein serious joking manner that of course the only reason Arabs are sometimes prone to stoning Jews is because we labelled them stoners. It is not their fault but ours (as is everything, so it seems).

And that is the end of my strange post on people, labels and stonings.


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