Welcome “home” to me

I’m back in Vancouver. How strange to be sitting here in my East Vancouver apartment. OK, I lie. The word I’m thinking is “lonely”.

How lonely to be sitting here in my East Vancouver apartment.

The last three weeks I have been surrounded by the most amazing sites and sounds. All my niblings (neices and nephews) laughing, screaming, playing and yelling out my name when I come into the room. Great hugs from those same little people. Lots of hanging time with my amazing 9-year-old sister. Lots of hanging time with the rest of my family.

And then there’s Israel itself. Visiting the most beautiful, exciting places like the shuk in Jerusalem one day with Miriam my sister. Going to check out my sister Devora’s new apartment just outside of Jerusalem, high up on a hill, overlooking such a biblical view (as my brother in law Danny puts it).

I also went on a road trip one day with my best friend Orli and her side-kick (aka, her 2-month old baby) Yinon Meir. We drove up the beautiful Israeli coastal road and spent a good few hours in Zichron Yaakov. Not enough time at all! We shmoozed with the owner of a funky store for around forty minutes, ate pretty food, saw beautiful art made out of homemade paper and I, of course, took many, many pictures of this most pastoral place.

Of course my apartment in Vancouver cannot compare to all the experiences I had the last three weeks in Israel.

Welcome “home” to me.


3 thoughts on “Welcome “home” to me

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  1. Dee, I want you back here in Israel. So what can we do to get you to stay here? With your writing and photography skills you are really on your way to becoming an amazing journalist. I wish we could all think of a way, together as sibs, to offer an amazing service in Israel. Some sort of an all inclusive business. Worth thinking about. Thinking of you.

  2. Thanks Tsip. :) And Dev, we’ve really gotta figure that out. Each of us with our talents. It would be quite the amusing company. I am guessing it would take over the world.

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